Heavy lift Transport

EGL is specialized in transportation of heavy lifts, oversize cargo and overweight.

We know the constraints, we study the project and design the model necessary for each project from origin to final destination including all challenges and complying with local rules and regulations to guarantee that it is done in full compliance with the terms of the contract between the service provider and the client.

Our purpose is to help clients improve construction efficiency and optimize the uptime of their plants and installations with services and solutions for lifting, transportation, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures

EGL has one of the most versatile brand new fleets in Egypt mixed with the vast experience of high skilled project team. EGL is ready for a wide operational scope offering high quality services in all sized operational areas.

We believe our business isn't just about size. It's about being proactive toward obstacles to reach on time.

Our services include:

  • Route surveys
  • Heavy lifting services
  • Research and technical assessments
  • Field consultations
  • Transport Study
  • Construction Work (Panels Pipes Beams Precast Concrete)
  • Heavy Metalwork
  • Site-wide construction services
  • Factory-to-Foundation / logistics

In the following Sectors :

  • Wind Power Components
  • Cements Mills
  • Transformers
  • Oil & Gas Projects
  • Power Stations
  • Industrial Machines
  • Steel Products
  • Paper industry & derivatives
  • Tourism Projects
  • Construction & Public Works

EGL Specialized Transportation Solutions:

1. Project Cargo Handling

This service deals with the transport of oversized cargo by air, sea & road.

The customers of this service are typically found in various sectors of large scale:

  • Government.
  • Private infrastructure projects.
  • Oil & gas production.
  • Mining.
  • Power plants & other.

EGL main aim is to execute creative & vital projects in various fields, therefore, we own our equipments for project handling, loading & discharging, supporting us being one of the main Project Cargo Forwarders .

2. General Cargo

EGL owns a diversified fleet and has drivers duly qualified and certified in international transportation. We also have closed box TIR vehicles, with sliding and lifting curtains and roof, especially tailored to this type of services.

Through the General Cargo Department, EGL operates regularly all over Egypt in the following sectors:

  • Metalworking Industry
  • Industrial Machines
  • Automotive Components
  • Paper Industry and its Derivatives
  • Construction and Public Works
  • Steel Products
  • Containers
  • Precast Concrete

3. Wind Power Project

We offer solutions for projects and Wind Power, no matter cargo size or weight including transformers, wind turbines, solar panels.

Our variety of services rendered includes necessary road and permissions, traffic escort covering the following fields

  • Route Survey
  • Transport Study
  • Construction Work (Panels Pipes Beams Precast Concrete)
  • Heavy Metalwork
  • Wind Power Components

Despite the vast difficulties and challenges that we often come across in the road network, EGL is prepared to provide solutions for any type of cargo, no matter its size or weight. Directed to the energy sector (transformers, wind turbines and solar panels) this department is responsible for the assembly of most wind parks.